Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rajani blessed with girl baby

Video Removed due to breach of privacy.. :)

On Wednesday (26-AUG-2009), after a square lunch was in a office meeting. When the topic turned to be food in office and the some conflicts amongst the people on  how many vadas a person should take, I got a message from Rajani saying she's blessed with the baby girl. It was a pleasant surprise.I wished her with my reply.

Once the meeting got over I called her and wished her. Came to know that shes in Balaji hospital which was nearby to my office. I talked with Shreeni and Jeya and they told they also gonna come.

Evening around 7 I left office and they were on the way to hospital. I reached nearby hospital and they were stuck in traffic and rain. Chennai is worst in terms of it's stamina to rain. Even a day's rain is enough to make roads flooded, traffic, irritation and what not..

Around 8 pm, we were at hospital. It's a strange feeling to look at a new born baby. It's my very first time in my life. I fear to take them and hold them. They seem to be very fragile and it's hard to understand why they cry.

But Jeya was very much comfortable in that. She was konjifyin the child and kept on talking to her (as well)..  That child was very demanding. She always wanted someone to lift and keep playing with her. The moment you lay her over the bed she started crying. :)

Rajani was in bed, very tired and feeble in voice. But she looked good. She had undergone scissorian surgery and suffering from pain. She talked only few words.Gud..And she suddenly seemed to command respect.Maternity makes women complete. There's an interesting fact. Pain is measured in a unit called 'dol'. The maximum amount of pain that human beings withstand is 9.5 dols. It happens during labor pain. Women are really courageous.

They kept talking whom the child resembles and so.. typical discussions. I'm very week in finding that sort of things. Kept mum for the whole time which is becoming usual to me,des days.