Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ayikudy, My Native Place

The village i belong to, Ayikudy, is a beautiful village nearby Courtallam and Tenkasi. I was there till i finish my schooling.

Most of the people from my place hesitate to tell our place name as it's first part means something dirty in Tamil :) But why did they name like that. It seems the place was initially named as 'Balasubramaniyapuram' as the deity in our place has name as 'Balasubramaniya Swamy'. But, there was a king called 'Aai Andiran'(ஆய் அண்டிரன்) and the place is renamed in memory of him.

As it happens with any language, Tamil also has a lot of words which means different from it did in olden days. I think i can write a separate post on this.

Terrain View :

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Satellite View :

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Map View :

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