Monday, August 24, 2009

Google group for Jeppiaar ECE 2006

Some time back Aarthi created a wave with her mail after long time. It made to trigger many replies and people seemed to be interested to stay connected. I set up a Google doc to update contact details of out classmates and people did it.
I always wanted a better way to stay connected than these sort of mailing lists.

  • It was hard for anybody to maintain a list of mail ids.

  • Most of us get annoyed with growing number of 'Reply to all'.

  • More than mails, we need something more..

So, I have started a google group. With that,

  • Nobody has to remember the mail ids of all. The only mail id to be noted is

  • People can choose to have daily digests (Which will give gist of a days activities as mail) or Web-view (No email. they can view threads by directly visiting groups site.)

  • We can have profile with fotos, discussions and share files. We can create some pages and publish

I can see still there are so many people missing from this. SO many of us are not active participants. But, they are watching silently AFAIK. Nothing wrong in that :)
Also, I dont expect everyone to change and suddenly become very interactive with this. My goals are simple.

  • will act as a single mail id to be remembered always no matter how many switches our friends make between companies.

  • One fine Sunday afternoon after heavy lunch, just going thro the this group might make nostalgic

Let's how it turns out to be...

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